Give Your Mac a Second Life

Do something great and get a tax break!
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Your trash could be someone else's
treasure – it's time to let it go!

Students, families, creatives on a tight budget – these are all people looking for your used Mac. At Macs4Peace, we take in your no longer needed Mac and give it a new life. Some are fixed up and provided at low cost to people who need them. Others provide valuable hard-to-get parts for repairs – kind of like being an organ donor.
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Old Macs can Glow with New Life!

This MacBook Pro was going to be scrapped for "being too old", but its owner donated it instead. We cleaned it, upgraded the RAM, put in a new hard drive, and now it's enjoying a new life helping a young high school student with his education. You'd be amazed what your donated Mac could do for someone else! 
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Where does the money go?

Virtually all of the money we raise through Macs4Peace goes to support Dance Alchemy, a Baltimore-based performing dance company. A small portion is retained to buy parts and pay for incidentals. All the repairs are done by volunteers.
      Other non-profits may take in cars or boats or no-longer-needed space ships, but what WE do is to take in no-longer-needed Macs, fix them if possible, and sell them at a great price. The funds keep Dance Alchemy sustainable, so donor dollars can be used more effectively.


Upcycling and recycling are great for the planet, and your donation can make a real difference!

About e-waste?

E-waste is a real thing! Every year, millions of pounds of discarded electronic items end up in landfills or, worse yet, get into municipal incinerators where harmful heavy metals are released into the air. Macs4Peace recycles in only the safest, most environmentally friendly ways.

About upcycling

Just because you don't want your techno-thing, or it seems too expensive to repair, doesn't mean it has to go in the trash! You would be surprised what we can do with your donated Macs and Mac peripherals! Lives are being changed through upcycled computers. You CAN make a difference!

Dance Alchemy is...

... a true, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dance company, founded here in Baltimore, MD by Candice Tritch, staffed entirely be talented, enthusiastic volunteers, with a nice website you can see by clicking on this link here. Funds raised through your donation help keep this peace-loving company dancing!

Founder: Andrew Janssen

Chief UpCycler

Father of four (that's my oldest daughter on the left), recycler since 1968 – yes, I was a child – and lover of all things Mac, I founded Macs4Peace both to support Dance Alchemy (I am its technical director) and to keep still-good Macs out of landfills and dumpsters. Thanks for visiting!
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